Research Centers

Optimal has subject matter expertise in the following policy areas


Academic Achievement
Charter and Innovation Schools
Early Childhood Development
Performance Measurement Design
Policy (e.g., No Child Left Behind)
Special Education
Title I Compliance
Health Medicaid
State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP)
Disease and chronic care management
Access to care in medically underserved areas
Administrative processes, such as prior authorization
Reimbursement methodologies
Evaluation of Economic Development Methods and Programs
Evaluation of Community Development Initiatives
Federal Housing Policy and Program Research and Evaluation
Economic Impacts of Transportation Initiatives
Review of Energy Law, Procedures, and Programs
Provision of Technical Assistance
Labor Market Analysis
Wage Mandates
Occupational & Skill Set Forecasting
Policy (e.g., Workforce Investment Act, Youth Opportunity)
Child Support Enforcement
Foster Care & Adoption
Fatherhood/Paternal Involvement
Marriage Initiatives and Family Formation
Welfare Reform & Welfare-to-Work
Optimal Analytics Dashboards
Real-Time Data Monitoring
Real-Time Data Reporting