Focus Group Research

Our goal is to make sure that focus group research adds value for our clients. At Optimal, focus group research is one of several tools used to meet our clients research needs. The focus group research is applied only at the appropriate juncture and in a way that enriches other types of quantitative and qualitative data.

Focus Group Research Capabilities

Optimal offers comprehensive qualitative research services including a network of focus group facilities, sophisticated site selection techniques, participant recruitment, on-call moderators, and innovative analysis techniques. We work with clients collaboratively to meet their research needs, including:

  • Setting research goals and methodologies
  • Selecting sites and recruiting participants
  • Designing interview instruments and materials
  • Arranging and conducting focus groups
  • Communicating focus group results to various audiences
  • Helping clients put focus group results to immediate use

Optimal's qualitative research staff offer a variety of sophisticated analytic tools and experience that can be applied individually or collectively.