Cost-Benefit and ROI Analysis

Our research staff helps its clients find optimal policies, programs, and projects through the valuation of program impacts versus program costs. Cost-benefit analysis helps decision makers assess the economic and social benefits of relative program costs. This analysis facilitates better decision-making.

Optimal's cost-benefit analysis services are particularly useful when cost efficiency is of central interest and when indirect costs and benefits are involved. Often, Optimal's rigorous cost-benefit studies constitute an important aspect of our program evaluations for the public and private sectors. Our staff has expertise conducting cost-benefit analysis for:

  • Public Facilities
  • Economic Development Projects
  • Employment & Training
  • Environmental Policies
  • Health Systems
  • Information Systems
  • Policy Initiatives

Optimal’s staff members have strong quantitative skills and use numerous statistical and econometric modeling and analysis packages, including SAS, STATA, SPSS, and IMPLAN.

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