Optimal Publications

USAID Europe and Eurasia Regional Energy Security Evaluation Final Report

Updated Methodology and Evaluation Plan: Partnership for Growth Mid-Term Evaluation – Cross-Cutting and El Salvador-Specific Questions

Partnership for Growth Cross-Cutting Report for Mid-Term Evaluations of El Salvador & The Philippines’ PFG Initiatives

Partnership for Growth El Salvador-United States (2011-2015): Mid-Term Evaluation Final Report

Asocio Para El Crecimiento El Salvador-Estados Unidos de América (2011-2015): Informe Final de la Evaluación de Medio Término

Partnership for Growth The Philippines-United States (2011-2015): Mid-Term Evaluation Final Report

Evaluation of WASHplus: Supporting Environments for Healthy Communities Project Final Report

USAID Learning, Evaluation, and Analysis Project

The Evaluation of the U.S. Small Business Administration's Regional Cluster Initiative -- Year Three Report

Cost-Benefit Analysis of USAID/Ethiopia Selected Value Chains of Agricultural Projects in Ethiopia: AMDe, GRAD, LMD, and PRIME Projects: Summary Report

The Mid-Term Performance Evaluation of USAID/ Macedonia’s Investment Development and Export Advancement Support (IDEAS) Project

Cost–Effectiveness Analysis Of USAID/Rwanda Feed The Future Project, Nutrition: Behavior Change and Social Marketing Phase 1 Final Report

Mid-Term Performance Evaluation of the Junior Achievement of Armenia (JAA) Entrepreneurship And Civic Activism For Young People USAID/Armenia Final Report

Poverty Reduction by Increasing the Competiveness of Enterprises (PRICE) Final Performance Evaluation Final Report

USAID Liberia Feed the Future Population-Based Survey Final Report

Optimal presents at International SME Networking and Clustering (SNC) Project Conference

CMS Ombudsman 2012 Congressional Report Released

Measuring School Superintendant Efficiency

In-State Tuition Benefits and Non-Citizen Enrollment in Texas Universities Examined at the 81st Annual Southern Economic Association Conference

Poster Presentation at the 2nd Annual Improvement Science Summit on Real-Time Data Driven Analysis in Quality Improvement Research

Poster on Holistic Service Delivery Model to Enhance the Lives of Fathers and Families Presented at Annual Meeting of the Office of Family Assistance

Study on Extended School Days Presented at AEFP Conference

The STEM Pipeline: The Role of Summer Research Experience in Minority Students' Graduate Aspirations

Report Evaluating Charter Schools Impacts Released by the Dept of Education

CMS Ombudsman 2011 Congressional Report Released

The Role of Medicaid in Neonatal Quality Improvement Initiatives

Study of Teacher Preparation in Early Reading Instruction

Statistical Power Analysis in Education Research


Employment options for low-skill workers in the Baltimore, Maryland, metropolitan area. Viable occupations, local dynamics, workforce training and education: issues and challenges

Implementation of the Credit Enhancement for Charter School Facilities Program: Final Report

Factory-built construction and the American homebuyer: Perceptions and opportunities

Industry Clusters, Employment, and Opportunity

Historically black colleges and universities: three case studies of experiences in community development. Volume I

Historically black colleges and universities: three case studies of experiences in community development. Volume II

Assessment of the 602 non-profit disposition program: Final Report

Assessing the return on investment from interventions that target vulnerable populations in Baltimore: a preliminary analysis: Final Report

Evaluation of the Johns Hopkins Hospital retention and advancement program