Brown Bag Lunch Series

As part of its mission to provide "Real-Time Data-Driven Decision Making," Optimal routinely hosts members of the academic, research, business, and governing communities to participate in its Brown Bag Series. Held on Wednesday afternoons from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM, the Brown Bag Series offers Optimal staff and invited guests the opportunity to explore best practices research and operating procedures from the leaders of various professional fields.

2015 Presenters:


April 30, 2015
Nutrition expert visits Optimal to educate staff on healthy living
Jo Zimmerman, Ph.D.

2012 Presenters:


18- Neil Bania, Ph.D. : "Monthly Household Income Fluctuations, Material Deprivation and Health Outcomes in the U.S."


2011 Presenters:



9- Muhiuddin Haider, Ph.D.: "Neonatal Health Issues in South Asia"


15- Jeffery W. Herman, Ph.D.: "Model-Based Systems Engineering for Healthcare Organizations"


1- William Rand, Ph.D.: "A Discussion on the Diffusion of Information in Social Networks"


13- Chris Yang, Ph.D.: "Clarity in the Clutter: Automated Temporal Topic Organization in Social Media"


30- Michael Kaiser, Ph.D.: "Does Prevalence Matter?"

25- Berna Demiralp, Ph.D.: "Entrepreneurial Choice, Liquidity Constraints and Human Capital"


23- Marion Pines: "Strategies for Implementing Large-Scale Initiatives"

8- Nitin Dua: "FSU Doctoral Candidate Discusses Alternative to Traditional Hospitals"

4- Calvin Johnson, Ph.D.: "The Use of Business Intelligence in Criminal Justice"

2010 Presenters:


21 - Jack Meyer, Ph.D.: "Implementing Health Reform: Key Opportunities, Major Challenges"
5 - Lindsey Cramer and Erin Twamley: "Intelligent Helpdesk Management"


29 - Samuel J. Parker, Jr.: "Public Engagement as a Change Agent"


18 - Ernst Nilsson, Ph.D.: "Benefits Realization from Large Investments in IT"
11 - Calvin Johnson, Ph.D.: "Partnering to Enhance Offender Accountability"


21 - David Engel, Ph.D.: Writing Seminar


30 - Ebony Walton: "Using Retired NAEP Variables to Improve ELL Identification"


19 - Nancy Miller, Ph.D.: "Medicaid Home and Community-Based Care"


21 - Ruth Sherman and Maggie Pagel: "Predictive Modeling: Fraud Detection in Medicare"

14 - Loren Yager: "Public Policy Research and the U.S. Congress: Insights from the GAO"


31 - Danielle Ward and Jumy Adekeye: APHA Presentation on Measuring Quality using EHRs


3 - Luis Pinet, Ph.D.(c): "Primary Injury Prevention and Mortality from Motor Vehicle Crashes Among Children and Adolescents in the United States"

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Brown Bag Lunch Series